David McAlinden

My name is David (Mak) McAlinden and I am a Graphic Designer. I grew up in the beautiful countryside town called Mildenhall, England and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge UK in 2004. I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember and for the times that I can't recall.

After I graduated University, I took a year out to experience life away from the country life style and picked beautiful British Columbia for the back drop to my new adventure. After returning home though I always felt that I left my heart in Vancouver, so in 2007 I packed my bags and made the adventure more permanent!

Whether in personal matters, or in my job, the same things hold true. What is the problem? And how do I solve that problem? I am also a true believer in the epigram "Roman wasn't built in a day". I truly believe in working towards something great, be it in my own personal goals or in the projects I am involved in.

I consider myself a Visual Designer, trying to help build and improve products in every aspects possible to make them better for the users. I like to keep it simple. My goals are to focus on typography, content and conveying the message that the client wants to project.