Honeycomb Graphics

"Pushing the boundaries of design to create outcomes that I can be proud of. The goal is to work with the client on exciting and passionate projects as this inspires me to continuously evolve as a designer."

Graphic Design

Part of a brand’s visual package, inevitably involves graphics, which means marketing collateral such as brochures, posters, stationery and other printed items.

Graphic Design

I feel that’s one of Honeycomb's strongst points — Honeycomb Graphics will handle all of your Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and Inbound Marketing needs.


A brand is never just a logo alone – it’s a story.  Your brand is a visual representation of your company no matter how simple or complex.

Web Design

Brand identity isn’t just a Graphic. It must encompass your company’s core values and proudly represent you across a vast array of mediums. In this day and age, your brand ID needs to look great on more than just a letterhead.

Web Design

It is rare that a brand can survive without a web presence, a strong website is vital in today’s marketplace. Most websites are the first visible ‘face’ of your company.

Web Design

Whether a startup or an established company that doesn’t yet have a website — Honeycomb Graphics takes the time to identify your goals, discuss your likes and dislikes, gather examples of other websites and research your competition.


Read about Honeycomb Graphics and about myself and how it all began.

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